We now value mental health more than ever. People are initiating volunteer activities through Mental Health Awareness Month to help raise awareness and help those to seek help if needed. Mental breakdown is an insidious process and may or may not be visible to the people around the individual. Mental health issues are experienced across the board from the young to the elderly.

People with mental health problems require professional help to be able to live optimally again. Through prevention and education, people will be made aware of the signs and symptoms of mental illness. Job loss, addiction, depression, anxiety and marital conflicts are common factors for triggering a mental breakdown. If not prevented, all of these can lead to death through suicide. By taking actions, volunteers can partake in this activity in their own corner of the world.

You need to be able to first identify any signs of mental illness. Most of these feelings are associated with stress or sadness, all possible signs of a mental health condition. You can further assess whether for the following on the elderly:

  • Extreme anxiety or sadness
  • Inability to focus for prolonged periods of time
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Withdrawing from social gatherings
  • Alterations in sleep and eating periods
  • Self-harm
  • Contemplation of suicide

Keeping the Elderly Social Using Technology

Elderly may have feelings of inadequacy due to hearing loss. It could be that this could be a reason why people withdraw from them or they withdraw from others. In their old age, they need to be a part of a community for them to live cope with daily life.

One way to encourage self-confidence is if they are able to understand what is being communicated. Old age can cause hearing to deteriorate but can be prevented by using a high-quality hearing aid.

Technology like Eversound Wireless headphones is specifically designed for seniors to get them integrated back into the community. Restoring proper communication will help the elderly be more engaged with their family, friends and fellow seniors.

Isolation due to loss of hearing may be a root cause of mental instability for seniors. To manage this, high-quality hearing aids will allow them to understand more fluidly conversations and establish rapport with health professionals and other seniors. In respective studies done by LCB Senior Living and Commonwealth Senior Living, both showed that elderly residents increased their engagement by 28% using quality hearing aids like Eversound.

A little empathy can also go a long way. Be an active volunteer in your local community and initiate conversations with the elderly. Be wholly present when talking with them to show that you care what they have to say. Bring a calm and accepting attitude to help them be at ease to share their life with you.

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. Wireless technology keeps things simple for seniors to use. Since they are not likely to follow through with complex navigations, assisting the elderly with this would immensely help them in their day to day activities. Some may be resistant to technology. However, with guidance and education, the elderly will greatly benefit from this device and improve their quality of life.

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