The National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a nationwide campaign held every October to raise awareness about the employment issues that accompany physically disabled individuals. It aims to celebrate the contributions of disabled American workers through the years. It first began in 1945, when the Congress created a law that declared the first week of each October as “National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.” In 1988, it stretched into a month-long celebration of this special sector of the community. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate such a meaningful month, outlined below are four suggestions

Review company policies

You can take this as an opportunity to double-check if the disabled’s work environment is suitable for them. For instance, it is actually mandatory for every infrastructure to have wheelchair ramps to aid the handicapped. Furthermore, the company policies must be inclusive and non-discriminative. It should be concluded as comfortable and welcoming to the disabled.


AFB stands for American Foundation for the Blind. This is an excellent program that offers great opportunities for the visually impaired. Their aim is to create a world with no limits for the blind. They mobilize leaders, advance understanding, and champion impactful policies that can greatly benefit the blind. It is advisable to get your young loved ones registered here as early as possible to expand their knowledge base and to give them access to meaningful community service. At an early age, they could attain the sense of community involvement as well as think about their future careers.

Explore options for senior living

Senior citizens oftentimes become classified as physically disabled due to the intersectionality between their old age and the physical impairment that comes with age. The elderly experience disability through limb paralysis and loss of sight. For this month, you might want to take a look at options for senior living, particularly those who are disabled. Make sure that the senior home you will select has the facilities that will make your loved one feel at home. They deserve all the love and care that they could get.


Career Connect is a network of individuals that aim to help the visually impaired. It is a resource for young, visually impaired adults that allow them to explore multiple career opportunities. The network aims to provide seminars and tutorials on the basic skills one must possess in order to attain a job. These skills include how to craft a resume, how to make sociable and personal connections, how to prepare for interviews, and how to disclose your disabilities properly. Attaining such skills can go a long way for these individuals.

The celebration of NDEAM is an important event because it reiterates that everyone deserves a shot at a quality life. With the aforementioned activities, you do not only participate in the campaign to empower the disabled, but you also enable them in the career arena.