Ever since we were small, we hear our parents saying, finish your food and eat your veggies. We also hear from them the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  If we listened well then certain diseases can be avoided or delayed as we grow older. 

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle.  Aside from a balanced diet, everyone must be physically active and stay away from bad habits like smoking, drugs, and alcohol. 

 Protein as Part of the Diet

Foods like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts are helpful as building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.  Of course, excess intake of these could lead to complications as well. The key is, all in moderation.  

Calcium for Strong Bones

Calcium is needed for bone growth and strength.   Seniors are required 1,000-1200 milligrams per day. The best source of calcium is milk and dairy. Green leafy veggies are also an abundant source of calcium. Also, vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of this nutrient, which is acquired from sun exposure.

Vitamins & Minerals

For our body functions, certain vitamins & minerals are needed specifically.  Here are some of them:

  • VITAMIN A is good for the eyes.  Some sources are carrots, pumpkins, milk, and fish.   We need to protect our eyes.  Aside from eating right fruits & veggies for the eyes, certain habits have to be corrected or avoided like reading at night with little light, watching too much TV, or excessive use of gadgets like computers at close-range. 
  • VITAMIN B is preventive care to avoid dementia, fatigue, depression, memory loss.  You should include in your meal leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, even almonds, legumes, with your usual eggs, meat rice. 
  • VITAMIN C is another popular vitamin or known as Ascorbic Acid essential in development, growth, and repair of body tissues, strengthens the immune system, heals wound faster, maintenance of bones, cartilage, and teeth.  500 milligrams daily is pretty safe.  Enjoy your orange juice, broccoli, tomato juice, green & red pepper etc. 
  • VITAMIN D is responsible for the absorption of calcium and promotes growth.  It helps regulate the immune system and neuromuscular system. Vitamin D rich foods are salmon, fatty-fish like tuna, mackerel, beef liver, egg yolks, cheese and soy milk.  So basically, Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, especially in seniors.  Adequate sun exposure contributes too in Vitamin D production. 
  • VITAMIN E is an antioxidant which helps protect our cells from damage.  Nuts, almonds, seeds like sunflower seeds; green leafy veggies like spinach & broccoli, avocado, vegetable oils are rich sources of vitamin E.    

It is a matter of taking responsibility for one’s health.  We need to take care of our body.  Our bodies speak to us we should listen before it manifests to arthritis, irreversible heart condition, kidney failure or simple flu.   It helps a lot if we are aware of what we put in our bodies.  A precautionary measure to keep oneself healthy could be vaccination.  Keep ourselves especially the seniors protected from diseases. Take that shot.  It saves lives!

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