For those able to attend the first Greater Denver Placement & Referral Alliance (GDPRA) meeting at the Village at Belmar. Thank you!

We had over 90 people in attendance! Our speaker Michelle Topkoff from the state did a great job discussing the new state regulations. Our President, Cindy Koch, thought Michelle was informative and thoughtful in her presentation. 

There is a growing need to bring professionalism and “Best Practices” to our industry. Placement services offer an invaluable service to families when they have high standards. Click Here for the NPRA “Best Practices” that all individuals placement members will agree to as NPRA members. GDPRA would like to add to NPRA’s “Best Practices.”  We have formed a committee that will develop additional “Best Practices” for the GDPRA and hold placement services accountable. 

Why participate with the GDPRA?

  • Share best practices for placement services in partnership with care communities.
  • Stay informed on specific local and state regulatory changes that could affect your business and your clients.
  • Benefit from advocacy for your business on a legislative level, including Government Affairs and Policy Representation.
  • Develop strategic local community partnerships with like-minded companies in various areas within the senior services sector.

Connect with other senior care professionals nationwide.

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Membership and Accreditation Discounts

Agent Members who receive referral fees from communities pay $399/year. NPRA is working on accreditation that will be available later this year. If you join by March 1 and pay in full, you will receive a $400 discount towards your accreditation. If you join and pay monthly, you will receive a $200 discount.

Affiliate Members support the professional development of the Referral and Placement Industry such as Senior Living Facilities/Communities, Home Care, and Hospice pays $349/year. Senior Living Facilities that own small residential facilities, typically 10 beds or less, can join as an Affiliate Member for their properties. Corporate SL Communities join as Affiliate Members up to 4 properties.

Corporate Members include Companies that are Corporately operated and have 5 or more Facilities/Communities in a geographical area. They may choose, corporate membership rather than paying for each community separately. The member benefits remain the same and each individual community is listed within the membership directory. The cost is $1500/annually

National Sponsorship includes membership for local chapters. The Corporation will be recognized on the NPRA website as a sponsor.  Each community covered under the sponsorship will be listed individually in the member directory.  Sponsorship packages start at $2500/annually.  Benefits for sponsorship vary on the level of sponsorship.

Don’t Delay and Join Today!!

To learn more about our local chapter, please visit If you would like to learn more about the National Placement & Referral Alliance, you may go to

 Our membership meetings are bi-monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Meetings are held at communities throughout the Denver Area and lunch is served.

Please contact Pam Silverberg, the Membership Chair, with any questions regarding membership
at 720-620-3754 or

Warm regards,
Cindy Koch
President GDPRA