GDPRA Best Practices – The following is in DRAFT mode. Please email Cindy Koch, GDPRA President at
Last edit: August 5, 2019

Article I

For a GDPRA Agent, the needs of a client shall always be the primary consideration for any referral executed. An Agent should disclose in writing the scope of the Agent’s service and the client’s and/or responsible party’s rights*, including their right to choice of representation.

​* Additional client’s rights, including “Family choice” guidelines will be defined in the future.

Article II

A GDPRA Agent agrees to observe all state and federal Medicare/Medicaid policies at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, and hospice companies regarding vendor visitation, gifting, and compensation for each referral. A GDPRA Agent will neither compensate nor pay an employee of these organizations for a referral.

Article III

A GDPRA Agent will comply and accept state and federal laws regarding fees for assisting Medicaid clients. If an agent works on placement for a client on Medicaid, no fee can be accepted and paid to Agent by the Assisted Living Residence (ALR) or client. An Agent can accept a care management fee that is paid by a family or client representative.

Article IV

A GDPRA Agent will practice the following:

  • A quality in-person intake [a suitability interview] for each client unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Determine specific care based on situation, finances, level of activity and care needs.
  • Discussion with client and/or responsible party regarding family choice of Agent and determine if client is working with multiple placement companies.
  • Agent will tour with a client or client’s representatives unless there are extenuating circumstances and the Independent Living community (IL) and/or ALR agrees.

Article V

A GDPRA Agent will vet ILs and ALRs through personal tours and research before providing a list of possible communities to a client or responsible party.

Article VI

A GDPRA Agent will not engage in the practice commonly known as ‘churning’ to move or relocate a previously placed client for additional economic gain. Agent will suggest that any issues following placement of a client or requests to relocate a client should be addressed directly with the GDPRA Agent, client and/or client representative, and IL or ALR. Only a client and/or client representative, or the community will initiate the relocation of a resident.

Article VII

A GDPRA Agent must maintain professional and general liability insurance for one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. Agent should supply a copy of an ACORDV Certificate of Liability Insurance within ten days of policy renewal. Agent will request that the insurance carrier name NPRA as a certificate holder so that renewals and updates are automatically sent to NPRA.

Article VIII

A GDPRA Agent must disclose to their clients in writing the nature or source of their compensation. A GDPRA Agent shall not use the level or amount of compensation they receive as the basis for placement of a client in one community over another.

Article VIIII

A GDPRA Agent must initiate questions about the client’s finances and assets during the intake interview. Financial responsibility shall be a determining factor in selecting appropriate ILs and ALRs. If a client desires to “spend down” to Medicaid or Innovage, the Agent must disclose and clearly explain each community’s “spend down” timeline and policy. It shall be the responsibility of the GDPRA agent to recommend to the client that the terms of the spenddown be made part of the lease.

Article X

A GDPRA Agent is obligated to report to appropriate authorities any witnessed incidents of suspected elder abuse and/or neglect.

Article XI

A GDPRA Agent will educate themselves and seek knowledge to utilize the senior industry resources in their local community. They will maintain an in-depth understanding of the ILs and ALRs and any other resources they represent. An Agent will utilize their industry knowledge and resources to provide personal and professional options to each client.

Article XII

Under their NPRA membership, an Agent [at minimum] will meet the standards of GDPRA, including any state laws which regulate an elder referral agent and their associates. To be confirmed for membership with NPRA, an Agent must be a member in good standing with GDPRA.