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Specializing In Insurance for NPRA Members

We are pleased to announce that Jeff Schmidt with Eaton-Provident Group, LLC has joined NPRA as our exclusive affiliate member for insurance. Jeff is one of the only insurance agents we’ve found that truly understands the senior placement and referral community, and with over 250 placement agent clients throughout the country, his firm is by far the largest insurer of our industry in the United States. He even created a website with an educational video specifically for our industry: Senior Placement Insurance

This exclusive insurance program was created 5 years ago specifically for senior placement agents and offers both the most competitive pricing and best coverage available for the industry. Pricing starts as low as $1,500 per year for solo practitioners, and the insurance program is flexible enough to accommodate any franchise requirements. The exclusivity of this program means that Jeff can provide an insurance product that you are unable to find anywhere else, so he is definitely worth talking to!

On a personal note, I can say that CarePatrol and many other NPRA Board Members have trusted Jeff Schmidt as the sole provider of insurance many of our franchisees and other private companies across the nation. He is a true professional and we have always been very pleased with both the service and products he provides. The NPRA endorse him as a vendor and recommend that each member speak with him about their insurance needs.

Whether you have not carried insurance before, or if you would simply like a 2nd opinion, feel free to contact Jeff Schmidt via email or phone today

Jeff Schmidt



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