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Syed A Rizvi 

Senex Memory Advisors  CDP, CMDCP, CSA
Houston, TX

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Houston, TX
Senex Memory Advisors
8300 Cypress Creek Parkway
Suite 450
Houston, TX 77070
TX-Houston Area

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Syed A. Rizvi is the founder & CEO of Asbico, incorporated and located in Houston, Texas. Syed has years of experience dealing with people, understanding their needs, and helping them find solutions to their problems. Syed has lived in Greater Houston area since 2001. Syed graduated from University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Business and later completed master’s degree in Business at Prairie View Texas A&M University. 

While growing up, he was blessed to be around his grandfather, who instilled a sense of hard work, commitment, and integrity into him. From him, he learned that by helping and sharing what one has, one doesn’t lose something. 

Syed’s unforgettable time with his grandfather and challenge of finding good care for him turned into a motivation to start Asbico. Syed has an unmatched spirit for helping seniors, and he takes pride in being able to bring clarity and a sense of direction in their lives.

Asbico was created with a singular purpose of providing ‘peace of mind’ to families when it come to Senior Living; to help families avoid getting mis-informed and mis-directed. Asbico’s mission is to provide each client with unbiased professional advice recognizing their unique situation and upholding the highest ethical standards. 

Asbico’s increasing focus on addressing seniors with Dementia led to creation of Senex Memory Advisors in 2021. It’s focused on providing families with unbiased advice on memory care living choices. 

As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMDCP), Syed is committed to working closely with Senior and their family knowing what is it like for individuals facing a challenging time, at times groping in dark trying to figure what is the appropriate next step or care level for their unique situation.

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