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Applewood Our House residences feel just like home, immediately instilling a sense of calm and comfort in residents and their families. Our secured memory care homes are designed with residents in mind, and are similar to those that a resident would purchase for their very own family. At Applewood Our House, we invite you to feel at home again.

At Applewood Our House, residents are treated with kindness and respect. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering personalized care to every single resident, taking into account their unique needs, preferences and requests. Our team is genuine, accepting and caring, and takes great pride in getting heart-to-heart with residents daily. This creates an intimate environment in which residents can thrive.

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First Name: Sherrie
Last Name: Bonham
Phone: 3032486966
Company Name: Applewood Our House
6595 Garrison Street, Arvada, CO, USA 80003
1365 Yank Street, Golden, CO, USA 80402
1900 Upham St, Lakewood, CO, USA 80214
1182 South Van Gordon Court, Lakewood, CO, USA 80228
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