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Need To Know Training . com is a training website that works with content providers to share information on various topics. The specific course "Before You Go" is dedicated to providing knowledge and options to those that are planning an end of life event, whether the event is theirs or their  parent's. Everyone is going to have the event, yet less than 1/3 of the population does any planning. That means the state will make all of your decisions for you.

We do not sell or recommend any of these products, we simply share the options that we have  found. We strive to make this course as "non-salesy" as possible, but we have allowed various law firms and and others to describe what they provide to the industry. It is focused on end of  life care and how to have someone else (the government) pay for that care, what documents need to be gathered before the event and what needs to happen after the event whether the event happens at home, or somewhere else such as a nursing facility or hospital.

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