Our Mission

A National Alliance of Placement & Referral Agents

and Care Providers Aligned To Protect

The Best Interests of Older Adults

and Their Families

OUR VALUESOur Initiatives

NPRA’s Foundational Values


Promote the evolution and advancement of the senior placement and referral profession. Influence public policy on behalf of our clients and their families by protecting their rights.


Develop a higher understanding to educate consumers, clients and families regarding the roles, responsibilities and benefits of working with an NPRA professional in the senior care arena.

Agents and Senior Care Providers for Social Change

We represent clients, families and professionals delivering senior care. We are progressive and politically active to protect our clients, and our membership and our sponsors.

Professional Development, Responsibility and Accountability

Our ‘Best Practices’ is a working document to provide an increased awareness of roles, responsibility and practice standards. Our ‘Code of Ethics’ and operational standards will be integrated into the National Certification. Continuing education and professional development are a vital components. The certification will provide accountability and establish professional standards for members.
We are a national alliance of agents and care providers facilitating change in the senior placement and referral industry

Our Initiatives

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Families Have Rights/Family Choice

“Only an informed choice, is a good choice.”

NPRA’s Stance

Most families searching for senior care or housing are generally under immense time restraints and stress.

Often a family will turn to the internet to research their available options, including price and services provided. Too many times, they click the ‘submit’ button and unknowingly commit to an ‘implied contract’

NPRA believes by clicking a ‘submit’ button on an ‘information only’ website should not eliminate:

  • A family’s right to be represented by an agent of their choice
  • A family’s right to their own personal information
  • A family’s right of rescission of “services.”

Agents For A Fair Marketplace

Our driving force is to establish fair business practices. Better services for the consumer through partnerships, innovation and public policy.

NPRA’s Position

NPRA believes online referral services could be executing unfair business methods, as they:

  • Create a “False Sense of Competition” on the internet for the consumer
  • Negotiate exclusive lead contracts that prevent family choice
  • Exhibit questionable “Lack of Disclosures” that stifle competition and entrap consumers
  • Practice questionable business tactics to attempt to manipulate, or apply pressure to consumers, competitors and senior care providers, overlooking fair business practices

National Best Practices & Code of Ethics

Create a strong foundation for a viable industry

NPRA’s Belief

We believe that unified standards can make our industry stronger. Our Best Practices and Code of Ethics work alongside our members and sponsors to develop and maintain those industry standards.

National Certification

Program and testing to begin mid-2019

NPRA’s View

Our ‘Best Practices’ and a ‘Code of Ethics’ will be integrated into the National Certification. Members will be extended a discounted rate for the National Certification programs and testing.

The National Placement and Referral Alliance


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